Friday, December 25, 2009

holding on

its funny how i made this 6 mths ago and i can relate to the feeling in a whole different sense. it was late at night, i couldn't sleep, i was thinking a lot about san francisco, disinegrating into memories.


  1. Hi !
    I found your blog because i was visiting nyc last week and i met emmy while i was taking my breakfast in the big daddy's dinner!! So she gave me your blog because im french and you are student in paris and i was in an animation school in working for videogames, so i think we can make a movie about that. Great Work !! "Bonne continuation" :p

  2. SAlut!

    Je suis desole, I never saw this comment!
    I'm so happy you met amy, she's great.
    I do live here in Pigalle and am studying at les arts deco. Maybe we can meet and have a coffee, and i'd love to work on something together.
    Ok hope all is well.
    my number is 0672510961