Saturday, June 4, 2016

Coffee, a portuguese breeze, and love

I sit surrounded by the presence of the Buddha.

Its everywhere.

Writing to myself, the same self as the one who reads these words.

How magical, that there is no real separation .
Bamboo pieces hang and gently sway in the wind.

Last night I sat outside of my tent just watching the colors in the night sky change. A beautiful glow on the horizon and one star imbetween the light of dusk and the blanket of night creeping over it.

It seemed as if this star was standing still and ascending at the same time. I saw myself in this.
My heart totally still and always here and yet also something within me ascending.

Mooji said the other day in satsang, "Walk blind and really see."
I feel we are all doing this, everyday, every moment, but that faith and trust, it enables this seeing to be pure. Empty seeing, without expectation.

I feel a deep gratitude to all, and especially many beings who are walking in truth, and love and faith.
How they shine .

In the sauna I sang and sang some prayers.
Agua de luz, calme mi familia, sauna mi familia, limpia mi familia.

Some death and sickness is passing through, a wave in the cycle of existence.
May my family- and all families, be supported, to look for this inner light, to know the boundless love that carries them. And in their grieving find solace and be reborn.

A little dog came and stayed with us one night in our tent.
He showed up right after my Grandpa left his body.
This dog was full of playfullness, love, curiosity.
He was gone the next day.
Some beings come this way, to give you a message of love, and that's what they are sent for, no attachment, just a momentary glimpse or blessing of grace.

We take time to sit and be in silence, to meditate or contemplate here at the ashram.
This song in my ears sings "Blessed are those who see and are silent."
Silence, such a power.

Mooji says that by taking these moments to contemplate- "to sit in the cave of your own self"
that you are actually taking this time to recognise your timelessness.
Your eternal self.

What more to say. Sometimes words flow like rivers, and then there's that which flows beyond words.
Its a language of light, of seeing, a language beyond language.
The best way to share this must be through presence.
Giving thanks each day.