Friday, December 31, 2010

december 31st

So it's the new year.

I'm in San Francisco.
My body feels funny, like some parts of it are more awake then others. Like a sleeping mountain, some of the animals start to stir but mainly the core of it is just grounded.
For some reason I think of the dark crystal. I think of the moment when he's in the fog. When things are waking up beneath him.
I'm applying to the European Graduate School. There I go flying somewhere new. I want to stay in one place but each time I think that, I see another opportunity to discover the world and I just can't, I just can't get myself to stay.
Some people think it means I'll never stay anywhere long enough to establish myself. I think that's just what society might tell me. You have to stay somewhere, you have to "build" your life up. Your empire, your contacts, your bussiness, your world.
I guess I'm just not interested in that.
Or I am , but I'd rather build up my world, my contacts, the new strangers who leave lasting marks on my life on a global level.
I'll share my art along the way, but I've realized it thrives off the new, off the travel. That's where my creative energy really comes from.
overwhelming emotions are the raw material for creating anything.
Travel tends to stir some overwhelming emotions.

San Francisco is calm this time.
Calm like being on a boat.
A boat me and my friend Aria wrote stories about yesterday.

i'm sitting in front of a heater, or i was moments ago.
one of my oldest tendencies. finding the warmth and sticking near it.

i love apartments here, they are peculiar because they never get warm enough, so living here somehow tended to feel colder than chicago. I guess when the place you inhabit is never quite warm enough you would remember. Always a slight chill at home. We don't put up with that much in Chicago, its cold enough outside so we create our nests and safe havens inside.

i drew this yesterday while aria played some new songs off his new album.
i think this was right after i heard 'japanses parisian'. which is my song.
if you know me well then you might know why this title is fitting. and if not then maybe the meaning can only resonate all these colors so fully for the one who created it and the one it was inspired by.
like a lot of art.
no matter what, we're going to bring our own sentiment to it. the moment will mean something different to someone else, and those words will strike a different chord in someone else's harp shaped heart.

it's now 10;07 am. i think i'll venture off soon. to a coffee shop. or a small book store. they are
everywhere here. you just cant help but find yourself having wandered into a new little cabinet of
curiosities everytime you walk out the door.



here, is the little house i fell into sleep in last night.

"our job is to realize the world as we see it, not to perform it as we know it."

its the new year.
all things change.
all things full circle.
all things new.