Tuesday, November 19, 2013


Back in New York.

Man I love this place with my whole heart and soul.

The people, the magic, the people, the magic.
It never really ends.

Every day since I got here has been this beautiful blur of blessings.

I just returned from a ten day silent meditation retreat.
Which was like a death and re-birth.

I wish I could write more about it, but simple as that 9 days of solitude and one day of sheer ecstatic shared bliss.
9 days to be with yourself and sift through the depths and shadows of ur soul, all the while learning to focus on the sensations of the body and realize it is ALL so temporary. All so impermanent. Move out of the suffering, out of the pain, because it will pass. You are not your thoughts.

It was a gift.

i cant even insert any images that could paint the sort of beauty i have been experiencing in my life.

the waves, the waves, the waves.
they are always worth it to come back here to the here and now.
there is nothing wrong and you're right where you're meant to be.

I'll be spending the next 2 and a half wks with some of the most brilliant people I know.
Living in a cozy room with a shaman tarot deck, plants , a meditation spot, a desk to draw on and nothing but beautiful books to feast on.

all these opportunities to share are coming up and its just so amazing the gifts the universe gives you when u just open yourself up to receiving.

my eyes are so tired but my heart and mind so awake.
i was at a poetry reading tonight and saw so many people I am in love with. Men and women.
I cuddled into my friend Rose's lap and listening to people's beautifully honest words fill the room.
Laughter and brutality. Vulnerability and magic.
One girl spoke of hands creating a shadow boat in the air with no waves to sail on.
Another sang little melodies through the chapters, his voice melting my heart.

This guy Bryce,- good friends with Camilla - who I am touring with next month told me about when Alejandro Jodorowsky read his tarot in Paris.
I laughed, ate banana bread and kept on recognizing all these people's beauty and reflecting it back.
I felt like I had taken drugs. I love happiness, happiness and sharing happiness is the best drug there is.

Now it is nearly 2 am and I felt 20 again.
20 or 25 it doesn't matter.
it's all good.

i am going to drift into this hazy blanket of sleep now, with soft light and stars twinkling.
the universe is a shimmery magical gunk that is always changing, as soon as you think you've grasped it, it reforms and turns into something wonderful.