Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Space, Grace, and Tea

"let it come."

a girl said this out loud to us at a group during a baby blessing two Sundays ago.

a sweet soul named Lila was on her 120th day of pregnancy. I had met Lila once before and had felt extremely connected to her. She had this beauty and softness to her that immediately drew me in.
She found me through my drawings online, she didn't even know we had met before but I recognized her immediately.  After we re-connected she invited me to share this day.

It was at their home called the Garden House. A group of women sat in a group singing, sharing stories, gifts, offerings to her to bless her baby.
She shared tears of joy and of remembrance, her honesty, vulnerability and deep feeling was so beautiful.

It's 3:13 pm. Soon I leave to go cover a friends shift at this place called India Joze.
It's a very simple job and I like the humbling aspect of it. Some days there I find myself challenged and ask what I'm doing with my path and other days I see the perfect order in all actions and the small steps on the path.

This morning was filled with a "Golden Buddha" tea, reading about prosperity, sunlight, cuddling and butterflies flying about signifying spring.

The camino is on my mind since Tom began talking about it. I remember in Barcelona my friend Ivan used to talk about the camino , that was nearly 5 years ago, he wanted to go with his partner at the time. That was a rocky time for our friendship. Boundaries overstepped, fire and fire creating more chaos. It was a part of my path though, and my karma, learning these lessons of restraint, intuition and unconditional love.
But I think he did go on the camino, of what he told me it was a rocky path with him, more on the path of love and his relations then anything, but since we've last spoken he seems to have a much more settled life in London now.

But Tom and I are inspired to go. Anything involving an adventure, strangers, a opportunity to document and film a path intrigues me. Not to mention Europe. It's been 5 years since I have returned there.
I have faith in our path , in the doors opening for us, We're always held, and we've already been through all sorts of fire. Unconditional love really is the only way to go. When the fire gets hot, the ego gets dissolved and acceptance remains. It's amazing how much stronger one can become through every illusion.

Whenever disharmony arises the line comes...
"What do you do when the illusion of separateness arises?
you love
you just love."

It's a few days since I last wrote here.
It's late now and its night. these are some recent drawings.

introspection. harmony. dreams.

It's april fools day.
I told Tom that I peed blue and there was a fish in my pee. He looked at me wide eyed and said "Blue??"
Then.... "...a fish..?.. What does that mean??"
April Fool's !
I like excuses to be silly.
We talked for a long time today, it felt good to hear him. To hear him speak of the mind. I felt high and there was a glowing light around him. The aura I guess you would call it, it was yellow white against an yellow ochre wall.

My heart feels open, I feel connected, slow, I'm in a transition and I know the only way through it is acceptance, gratitude, love and patience.
I talked to a soul sister from Los Angeles today, she reminded me of how everything is an illusion. Even lack, and how important it is to be grateful for what we have right now.
I hope to connect with some of those LA souls soon. I may even take an impromptu with Tom tomorrow.
Will see what is aligned in the stars.