Saturday, October 6, 2012

the beginning of october

the 6th of October.

I keep seeing 10:10 each time i look at a clock.
Someone told me recently that 10:10 signify's new beginnings.
here's to new beginnings!

a few nights ago i had a manifestation drawing and dinner here with an amazing circle of people.
I explained how over the past year each time I wanted to see something happen I drew it out first as a visual for myself.
One of my beautiful muse friends, Amy Jenkins, taught me this before I moved to India.
I remember she asked me, "what do you want?"
-"Why? Get Specific."
-"So I can take care of myself, and go to India to make a film and share beauty and magic with others and share my life.."
She said, "Ok- draw it."

We were at a diner, on a napkin I drew myself sitting on a elephant with a camera filming, with bags of "funds- $" on either side of me to do it.
 A few months later and this would be the reality.

India ended and after I returned I started to long for a place to call my own.
So again, I drew it.

If you saw my home now, you'd see it looks a lot like this, with the mountains in the window, tea cups on a tables, tarot on shelves, and magic littered around. :)

I've drawn out my most recent set of wishes and intentions, this includes the winter solstice in Mexico, Screenings in New York, SF and LA, finishing two major projects and nurturing and growing in a relationship by staying present and trusting.

In the circle everyone drew out their wishes, and Ben led verbal sharing of intentions and blessings for the group. Everyone really opened up and became so vulnerable, we're all just humans, and being able to express what you need and want is so important. Faith, being the main driving force behind anything.
I went to a workshop/circle in long beach recently and the doctor in the group said-
"Every time you doubt yourself it disempowers you"

i found a few other things from one of my wish books that stuck out to me.

it is the beginning of october.
what will you visualize for yourself from here on out?

all my lovin.