Sunday, February 26, 2012



and a friend from the train from the South to the North of India.

my world has flipped me upside down about 7 times sinceI've last written here.

go figure.

up .

and again
and again.

I dreamt of caterpillars coming from tree's the other night. Vince trying to pull them off, they'd turn into branches as soon as you looked closely.
he said "hmm transformation".

I'm so so sleepy.
its one of those good tired moments, lots of living, lots ofmovement, lots of "oh wow, really?" life moments.

a rocket just went off somewhere and I leave India tomorrow.

this was started about two weeks ago.
I left India in a rush, spent some time in China, and flew out of Bejing one new moon ago.
Aka yesterday.
arrived back in the US. to a sunny living room and sunny people.

so many beautiful things have happened in the past few months that I'm not sure I can even begin to describe them.

I was able to spend time with my Indian family in Delhi before I left. these souls that I just met this year but by the time I left I had felt like I had known them a few lifetimes.
Its funny how 2 mths can stretch into lives.

I was able to work on a farm and sleep under a mosquito net in a place called the bird cage and stay at a bamboo research center and learn how to draw on bamboo.

the clouds seem to be standing still now and I went and got a burrito and was Amazed at the size of it. i forgot how some portions in the US are other worldy, it would have taken 4 of me to finish it.
But the sun is out and my friend just made some strawberry lime lemonade, it feels right where I am.
Cozy, like a cat.
I can't really decipher which part of my life is dream, sleep or waking.
so here are a few photos to describe things as of recent:

dancingmen..a school in China.adorable woman who loved the camera. a wish, with a sweet drawing.and my mom's a babe.

I'm state-side again.
Hello USA, you seem strangely foreign.
and yet as familiar as an old glove.

open eyes, fresh eyes, new experiences, everything changing.
change as the only constant.
and i'm grateful for it all.

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