Sunday, December 8, 2013

Tour with Ivy Meadows and Itasca

I left to tour the midwest with two of my closest friends about 4 days ago.
Time is so elapsed, its like you're moving through spaces and places and sharing every day its really surreal.
Some days the groups are bigger, some days smaller.
It's always an adventure to see where you will be next.
It's a different kind of travelling then I've done before, less just exploring and more extremely intentional. You go to each of these places with an intention to share what you've made and are making. And then you have space to explore whats around, all this sweet unpredictability.
I sang yesterday over Camilla's tracks and it felt so good. My voice still raspy from being sick but low sweet ohmm's, chants, my own made up language and something along the lines of "flow, flow , take it slooow/"
i bought a tiny green turtle for someone today and i've been more aligned with that animal this year then many others, there's a path towards slowing down that i am on. 
It's light flight and rest.

Our first show in Philly we stayed with a really sweet guy who had an awesome art space. His house was littered with beautiful art creations and collaged dream catchers that he'd give out to people while he was on his writing tours. He gave me one of his books that we're all about sharing the work and moving it forward. My favourite in there was the story of the mystic.
I love mystics and their simple magic. 

Then we went to Baltimore where we stayed with a good friend Ami that I hadn't seen since India!
I got to chill and meditate in her cozy space and came out of it and into a delicious warm dinner of some of the best home made indian food I'd ever had.
We all jammed while she played her sitar. I tried out the synth and my favourite setting was the forest rain, the one where it sounded like i was just playing a bunch of rain sticks.
We did late night tarot, I had a really positive reading for my art showing new beginnings, projects, and moving into a blessed space of serenity and celebration. Sounds good to me!
We woke to coffee and I took some photos and interviewed her and her incredibly sweet boyfriend.

Then we had a long drive to end up at a venue in Ohio, a giant coffee venue with beautiful paintings on the wall.
This incredible music called OMBRE was playing when we walked in and it just felt good to arrive.
Camilla and I did one of my favorite sets yet and before that we made it to a show down the road where this girl sang over and over " I could crack and fall", there was a beauty, a strength, a vulnerability and a grace to her voice. I was mesmerized. 

We went to the lake today, bought little gifts for people we love and now we're all at the coffee shop getting into our own worlds of reflections. About to leave for the next show to set up.
I've been surrendering myself to the present moment and really soaking in the gift of this.
Certain challenges have come up but as soon as i let go of resistance, the demons and the struggle really fades away,
Durability and innocence.

Before tour I spent 2 wks in New York.
I got to see people I love and spend a week with Tom who I have fallen into this deep space of unconditional love and friendship with. It's one of the most transformative and healing relationships I have ever been through and in. We laughed, played, drew, sang with my roomie ben and ran around the city being blessed by people and things. It was an incredible high of magic and love. 
It was hard to have him leave, I ran after him on the street to say good bye to him one more time and give him his journal at 4 am. I got a cold after this but was well worth the running through the streets in slippers and a night gown.
Oh strange magic, oh life, oh the waves, the unraveling mystery.

Here and now in Ohio.
I hope everyone gets to explore what they love and they envision or to their fullest potential. All these gateways, all these opportunities to walk through, and these moments to just sink into gratitude.
Lots of fire! and in the fire is purification.
oh me, oh my, eskimo pie . ;)

"we're all crazy- we're just humans"--- kayla

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