Wednesday, June 15, 2011

june movements

there's not much to say .
no thats not true.
i fractured my hand yesterday.
i'm moving to new york july third.
then california in august for a ten day silent meditation retreat
and finally to india on september first.

ok that about covers plans.
i'm listening to a sonny and cher record because it was $1.99 and the cover ruled.
side one is over and a thud is playing over and over as the record just spins round and round.
typing is bizarre and my hand, as i refer to as a paw, feels more animal like than ever.
its bandaged somewhat like a little pup's might be, and yesterday that was sort of how i felt.

like a little pup knocked over in the midst of chaos which is streets and traffic in chicago.
"ghost bike's" (which are white painted bikes of those who have been killed while riding) litter my neighborhood and i guess i can't say I'm not shocked.
i can now claim that I have been "doored".

on lighter notes, this provoked me to buy new records and cook for myself that night, two things i've been wanting to do but hadn't dedicated myself to in awhile.
go near death experience. i suppose life is like that, rattles you up and say's
"helloooo- breathe, stop, buy some records, cook some food, look around, dont rush so fast."
i get fooled sometimes, i see other's rush so and follow suit.
but a friend emailed me recently and she said,
"own your life- it's yours for the living.!"

sometimes i forget.

how very true this is.

time to flip the record.


  1. i miss you.
    how long will you be in india?
    how can i adopt your life?


  2. i'm not sure yet (india)- adopt it by living by it.

    live ur dream girl! its the only way to do it.!

    love u