Thursday, February 17, 2011

light wind at night.

i'm drinking tea.
its late. tonight i spent some time with floyd.
he read my thoughts. it was so weird to hear. to hear someone else reading my thoughts .
hes narrating my film so we went over the script.
which is a lot of fiction and non-fiction mixed, a blur between real life and dreams.

he made chicken and poured beer into two glasses. i couldnt bear to tell him i was a vegetarian so i took a bite or two anyways. tasted like it always does.-
ok, but i'm not that interested in eating it.

im sleepy now and want to drift into sleep. and well. .lately ive been having trouble sleeping. ive been doing so much "next step" thinking with this switzerland thing its been hard being here now. and theres so many great things happening here now.
so i'm trying to be around for them.

so thats what happened with floyd. whats about to happen tomorrow too.right this second my eyes are here and now and sleepy.
so im going to drift into that.
dream of light and dust and all of that just laying on the edge of things.
i just want to run my fingers through it so i can make little trails as if it were on an old piece of glass that hasn't been looked at for awhile.

i want this sound in my ears and to be miles and miles away.

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