Sunday, September 18, 2011

hmm, i'm title-less today.

pocket memories.

that's sort of what i want to call all these beautiful moments i want to stick in a pocket.

last night right near my house was this festival of music with clapping, and singing, and color and beauty. a girl in a pink dress sat on my lap while another girl with silky night sky hair and big eyes translated things to me in excited whispers.
one girl, tried to get me to go up and dance with a few of the men up front, i was tempted but i giggled and decided I'd rather play it safe sitting in the midst of all these beautifully composed women clapping along.

i had my first puja at school today. which was a sort of prayer moment with a man who sang and we all tied strings around our right wrist. red and yellow. then i received a red bindi mark on my forehead and at the end prayed over some warm incense that i then rubbed up to the crown of my head. at the end they gave us all this sweet sweet, bright snack-( below).
so great.

a desk in my room.

me, happy as a clam, next to some new friends asking whether or not I'm married or with boyfriend. this question is usually one of the first asked.
i sigh or giggle and more questions relating my love life always ensue.

my haven.
painting doors
in my little nook.

i've been lighting these candles i found for different people each night.
it reminds me of when i went to the notre damn with my mom in France. We each donated and lit different candle's with the thoughts of those we love in mind.
i hope you can feel it out there people! you're on my mind. wishing the best.
one of the corners i turn to walk to class.

and this you can't see too well but its basically the title for my life.

living my dream for sure.

a plus tard.

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