Wednesday, February 13, 2013


"when the student is ready the teacher appears."

I never really understood the weight of that until now.
I had heard it once or twice before but I feel I finally understand what it means to be ready, to be ready to open one's self up to the teachings of someone who has mastered something greater then yourself.
I've been finding a greater ability to say the truth lately and say what I need and what I can and cannot do.
It's a huge step for me and without Debby's sessions I'm not sure I'd be in the same place.
This past session I held a large thing of blankets, I leaned down on them for a very long time. She asked me what it felt like, I told her like i was hugging a mountain.
I made a drawing of it and wrote, "I just want to lean on all the things I've been carrying around."

Lately i find myself carrying less and my arms are beginning to feel lighter. I hope it keeps up.
My cricket record finished in my room and now there is a soft silence.

There's been a lot of transition in the past few weeks, and all for the better.
The new crescent moon is always like this little whisper to me  saying "new beginning, new opportunities to make magic, new moments to grow- get ready- enjoy it!"

I applied to an orphanage in Guatemala and it's still a bit of a mystery quest but I'm also hoping there may be a green light that says GO.
I am loving the California sun and all the new things here that are building though so who knows.
:) On be continued.

I just finished some painting, was told to paint and channel Mother Mary, so that is what I am working on.
And tomorrow I am headed to my friend Art Tarbi's land where he will be starting up an esoteric school.

Happy day of Love everyone, enjoy it and love the heck out of everything you see, do and feel.

(If you're interested in meeting with Debby who is an amazing teacher you can find her at and .)

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