Monday, April 15, 2013

breaking open

the other day i heard that we can get insight into ourself when we experience misery or heartache.
It's like the heart breaks open and we are able to go into it.

today i feel my heart breaking a lot, ive decided not to turn it off, i think the only way out is through as they say.
so through i go.
into the deepest parts of my heart.
healing is a process, and all i can think about, is how did i get to this point?
if i create my own reality, how and why is what I keep asking?

i think of dark and light.
i think of trust.
i think of losing everything to gain anything.
i think the darkest hour always comes before the dawn.
i think all is in divine order even when i cannot see it.

i think of these faces as blessings


this man told me about how everything that happens good or bad is from above, so be happy :)

i listen to this music:

i will be moving again soon.
thank you california chapter.
I feel you coming to a close.

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