Tuesday, July 9, 2013


this morning I am listening to this:

This lulling dream music over and over.
It's one of those creations in life that just makes me feel so so much.
I love that humans have the capacity to create such beauty through art and music, it blows my mind.

Lately I have been coming in contact with so many beautiful souls here, I didn't expect to stay in Antigua this long, but I also didn't feel any rush to move on.
It was sort of just like, yes, this is where you are going to stay for a bit.

I've been thinking about the echoes we leave, the ripples on lives. The small things that people can say or do that can stick with you for so long. The big things, the way everything we experience depends on our perception of them and how everything has an effect thats greater then zero. How we change those perceptions, how we view ourselves, our relationships, our lives is all in our hands really. I think perception is really the one and only factor we can control.

That is my word of the day, openness to whatever it is that comes.
Allowing all the questions to exist, all the fears but not getting stuck in them.
They are just there.

What does it mean to live your life entirely in your heart?

i read this quote the other day " trust your heart above all else and never worry about consequences."
i think the main thing I am learning continually is we never know whats right for the other guy, only what is right for us, and if we can drop all of the stories or voices that aren't ours in our hearts or heads we can move more freely, but its about changing conditioning. Unlearning, forgiveness and serious acceptance of the self and encouragement. We have to be our own best friends.

This video was taken a few days ago here, I was really inspired by this girl who had a tatto on her foot she got with her best friend who had passed recently.

I dont think any of us can actually avoid heartache, we can only figure out how to deal with it. How to ask for support, how to get the lesson from it, how to love ourselves more deeply and forgive everything.

And the next thing is showing up, man really showing up fully when your heart asks you too.
I think thats a most recent wish of mine, to show up fully with how I feel and not run away from my own truths. Even if they don't make sense to me, I dont think love or life can always be rationally understood. There is a freedom in showing up, regardless of the outcomes.

I am still collecting wishes and documenting, I really want to head to Mexico next, because I hear there is amazing Magic in Oaxaca that I really want to document. I feel this pull there and I want to see what ripples can be found, how I can also be an instrument in some way and work with people and kids.

here is some magic from my journal, wishes and such;

here are some more vidoes here,
last few days to raise funds :)

every little bit counts 

i loveeee you

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