Saturday, September 14, 2013

waves and wisdom

Waves and Wisdom.
I'm in a Cafe, I've been wanting to write for the past two weeks but this is the first time I've really taken time for myself like this. 
I have been at this yoga orphanage which has had so much magic, and so much challenge.
I can't tell you how beautiful its been to work with some of the kids, their hands in my hair, the way they grab my hand, tell me they think I'm beautiful and the way they giggle their sweet giggles and call people from all over different parts of their worlds their Mami's.

Detachment is a new lesson for me, letting go of expectations and coming back to the now. Trusting, slowing down, I wonder if we ever stop learning the same lessons.
I've been searching for my home for a long time and I think eventually it's just going to find me, so I let go of control, of trying to figure it out. Whenever I give things up to spirit miracles happen, or like this wave- this calm wave ensues.

I've been spending lots of time with my friend's baby, its so so wild. This tiny child who is continually looking for something to eat. She is so beautiful though, her smile and eyes are from another world. 
And her name- Azuri -means higher dimensional being.

The Cafe I am in is closing, so I'll just write a few things.
The other morning I fell apart in yoga, this song came on that broke my heart and opened it up to everything I had been feeling. All of the fear and sadness, and it just felt so good to cry. I asked for a miracle that day and then received it, blessings of people at a farmer's market and a Temazcal ceremony that totally calmed me down, made my heart and voice sing, and helped me feel so connected.
I remembered NOW- be here NOW. stop worrying about where u will be in the future when you return.
Things can change so so quickly.

The Sun, i love the sun. I love this image, I love its warmth and light.
I love this quote  I found from a friend:
“I wish I could show you, when you are lonely or in darkness, the astonishing light of your own being.” Hafiz

A challenging day that turned bright again. LOVE.
i keep learning on this trip here that I cannot control anyone eles's feelings or take them personally, I can only control my own, have compassion and open myself up to understanding.

And lastly a wish for a Panda.
"Because Panda is cute and friendly."

keep riding that wave!

:) moving into tranquility and faiiitthhhh, and happiness. 

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