Monday, November 24, 2014

Bhakti Love -- Nov 24th

it's one of those days.
being alive, breathing air, feeling gratitude.

the sun is shinning and its cooler, California winter weather where a light jacket is needed.

I just finished acupuncture. Which was pretty heavenly, there's something about being at ease with needles sticking into you that I just love. That beautiful paradox.
The 5 Branches studio room where I had my visit had a little picture on the ceiling of a boat sailing through mountains in some distant land. It felt Asian or European, but so peaceful. To look up imagining yourself floating along into nowhere while sweet Indian and Gamelan music comes in and out. So nice.

It's the 24th of November. The New Moon in Sagittarius just came.
I don't live in an only astrological world, but it's fun to play with the stars. Sagittarius is a happy sign, maybe I think so because I am one. But I feel a brightness, a visionary time.

I've been watching lots of Mooji with Tom and I just love him.
Such a sweet  beautiful man pointing to truth.
There's one line I love that he says which is "whatever you're perceiving your conceiving."
It's been really nice to identify less with the mind and leave more space for emptiness and peace.

I'm drinking a Chickory root tea in one of my favorite places in Santa Cruz. A man is calling out orders, and the boy behind the counter is beyond happy. I love seeing people who just can't contain their joy while doing such simple ordinary things like serving food.

Winter is here and things seem to be standing still and moving along swiftly at the same time.
I opened the teahouse journal the other day and someone had written simply at the top of an empty page
"Movement is the birth of stillness."

Mmmmm, I'm finishing up a project that I have been working on with my dear friend Manish. It's a short documentary of Ayurveda and has been really sweet to shoot with him. He just loves what he's doing. I think if you have the opportunity to work with those who put love and service in the center of what they are doing it can be a very magical experience. Lots of laughter anyways.

I went to my twin brother's house yesterday. He has so many sweet friends and it was so nice to see them. Like finding old trinkets you forgot about, each with a different magic and beauty to them. Seeing an old friend when you least expect it, it's nice when the universe brings familiar souls back to you. Like putting on warm socks from the laundry.

This post will be short. There's not a whole lot to say. Just feeling a space of gratitude for the unfolding mystery.
Some friends from NY will be here this weekend, I hope I get to see them. Not sure if I will sit in ceremony. Not feeling the strongest pull towards medicine. But only God knows.


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