Friday, February 4, 2011

15 minutes

until 4 am

i should be sleeping as i have class at 9. but i did all my work for it and i'm on a creative kick.
finally uploaded new moments from new york to This site:

it had been a minute.

and Now im here

back to breakfast this morning

or talking about artistic processes with this one
or how eggs should be cooked
or how yoga is like tai chi yet opposite sides of the same line
mind body soul sort of activity

this is my new room.
its magic.

and this is my roommate. i adore and look up to this girl so much.
i love this photo of her. both her's the her of now and the her at age..4 ? 5? who knows.
she has the same fire and spunk. its incredibly inspiring
check out her work here;

its 3:57 am

goodnight moon

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