Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Back rub foot Rub

i cant write any more tonight. i just cant.
these are the thoughts that ran through my head after i finished a bio essay for this grant application.

formal writing can be so exhausting. i'm listening to japanese parisian and its like pouring warm liquid all over my soul. like drinking a glass of water after your mouth has become dry like the inside of a cabinet.
i love the way this material shines. i bought it at a fabric store for two dollars a sheet. it doesnt do much but sit in my room. sometimes i tie it around my neck so i can show you. victor came up to the little nest that is my room today. he looked around slightly fathomed, most people react this way to my space. he touched the corner of this and said, "its nice".
i agreed. simple english is beautiful. having friends from france here make me realize the ability to express things with only a few words at times.

i've had to think of so many words today.
i want to detangle them all like the tattoe on my left arm, the one that also looks like a spread open paperclip.
someone pointed that out at a museum, i loved this new perception of it.

my song from gk just came on. he wrote it when i was 18. oh the timeless sound of my heart. love changes but i dont really. no, no thats not true. i change every minute. but some sounds, somethings,..well..its like you can see a million sunsets, but no sunset is the same.
i can hear the same song that was written for me, but every time it is different. so my appreciation for the thing doesnt seem to change or waver.
it comes back and hits me like the day i was 18.
back rub- foot rub

yes please.

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