Monday, September 5, 2011


so i got into delhi.
to find an old face from high school waiting with her driver to take me to her home.
traffic was crazy but i suppose that was just normal, the way people honk and speed past each other it was like everyone was racing each other home. everyone in a rush and everyone somewhere to be. women in beautiful sari's sat on the back of the men's scooters and i just watched in awe at the length of their hair or the way they sat so calmly in the midst of chaos.

later we took one of these auto's to a little bar where some of kendra's friends were.
i sort of just watched everything happen. in it but not of it.
a girl from switzerland couldnt believe i had only arrived a few hrs ago and said that i had a lucky welcome here to delhi as her arrival and been nothing but hectic.
i agreed, somehow though it felt beyond luck, sort of just faith. because even when it doesnt seem to work out, it does. its just not how you expected and thats where you can trip up.

then today i went here:

he Lotus temple in delhi.

unfortunately i forgot my camera, but i did get a sweet healing/prayer card and i got to walk barefoot on wet pavement into a very silent giant flowered sculptured building.

there were birds inside there and you could hear the women's jewelery jingle as you sat there in silence.
i looked up at the skylight which was a gold gem that looks like the inside of a flower.
a gem in the lotus.

many people asked to take pictures with us, which was funny and sweet, it reminded me of when i was in taiwan with cleo and the same happened at night clubs there.

were heading out soon for some music at this little cafe in Hauz Khas village and then tomorrow morning bright and early i take a train out to the countryside to start teaching.

i'm having trouble typing because i feel a bit slow right now. like molasses trying to pour out of a bottle or walking through snow on a very bright day.
its all very nice, and all very alluring, but at the same time its happening in this slowed down way. like i'm sitting on the remote control and without thinking i've hit pause.
sped up and slowed down all at one time.

well universe and good people out there, wish me luck and send me energy to go work with these children.

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  1. beautiful! many blessings coming your way! there's an egg of violet-white light around you.