Friday, October 25, 2013


my camera hasn't been working.

it's a simple fix of  battery charger but I've actually enjoyed a month off of documenting life.
Ever since I bought that camera before I left for India it had become my other arm, there to document and freeze those moments in which I knew words couldn't create. Colors and faces and experiences that an image could speak about in infinite ways.

I'm in Santa Cruz, this place has become a strange magnet for me, with people I am magnetized to.
There is no time here, and the days come and go like the ride of the sea, washing over me as i lay floating in it. Like I'm 5 and there is no where to be and no responsibility to attend to.

My heart is opening wider to the idea of enjoying everything, worrying less and relaxing more.
I'm reading Patti Smith's "Just Kids" and I am soo in love with this book. The way she weaves words and the story of two artists who go from nothing to making such a mark on this world. It creates so much faith in my own storyline.
I remember interviewing a friend in LA, what she learned this year was that
"you can make something outta nothing."

Don't be discouraged by where you are, so much is possible.
we really can't foresee the blessings or the breakthroughs, we just have to keep falling into them.
Moving through the intuitive flow, reaching out, showing up, letting it happen.

Warm mornings and synchronistic moments.
Less asking and more seeing.
warm tea and smiling faces.
explosive giggle fits and the sound of crickets.
rolling fog and african dance music.
dark chocolate and red socks.
finding feathers and migrating butterflies.
long distance phone calls and white light.
warm love and embraced bodies.

mmm .
its almost sunset hear. People laugh on the porch, I'm in this sleepy hazy mood and just want to sink into enjoying where i am and reading this book until night comes.
Maybe a task here and there but for the most part- stillness.

I am grateful.

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