Friday, July 26, 2013


I'm sitting in the courtyard of the home I've been living in for the past week and a half.
The sun is out, the walls are orange, and pots with flowers are in each corner of the open area.
Matias, my friends 18 year old son, is pulling beautifully smelling wood chips out of wood he has while listening to the Garden State soundtrack.

It's funny to listen to this soundtrack I remember from high school, 7 years ago, trying to recollect my 18 year old self.

The older I get, sometimes the younger I feel. Old and young.
The skies are so clear today.
I just finished a mango I bought from a street vendor for 5 pesos and I'm lounging in this bright yellow chair.

Everything sort of feels like its standing still.
Mali just got home and gave me ice cream she made from berries and yogurt.

My tummy is happy and full.
Life is such a curious ever changing evolution. And yet, the clouds are always the same. They come and they go, they are white or they are grey. I am me , you are you, I am you, you are me.
En la' kesh. This phrase I really learned and started using this past winter.
I am another you.

little ceremony we had last night for the end of the mayan year.

i found this on my friends blog and really liked it:

Confidence. I'll take a scoop of that right now. Leaving a place I've gotten comfortable in is hard, and yet I do it continually, and I have learned that every little leap of faith and risk I take is generally rewarded or leads me to somewhere beautiful, even in spite of challenge.
Sometimes you gotta work for it.

and this Ram Dass image I love:

I remember my friend's Nani in India told me once, that every person we come in contact with, that we even brush on the shoulders with, we are meant to. 
What an interesting and beautiful idea. I think of so many people who have touched my life and left such echoes on it. 
It can almost be overwhelming to think, that everything is already planned, and yet at the same time we have so much freedom. It's like am I writing the book, or is it writing me?

and then with all these questions I look at the sky and think what does it even matter?

I worked with this healer earlier this year who was all about laughter.
I asked him why people got so worried about things while I was bursting out laughing, he said
"because they're just loaded with too much stuff!"

I laughed for about 20 minutes straight. And even now I think of one of my best friend's tattoo's that says NOMA. Nothing Matters.
Its like it all matters, we have to be aware, and yet we also have to continually let go, because it doesn't matter.

"You are what you think you are." C. S. Lewis.

and now to listen to this little jingle....

enjoy your life
its yours for the living.

i found this image from over a year ago that I took in NY. i still love it.

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