Saturday, August 10, 2013

little moments

I found this image as part of an animated gif on Tumblr and loved it.

It's 2 am and i can't quite sleep, even though the lights are off I feel everyone sleeping in this room is a little restless. Maybe it's something to do with the moon. Its a crescent now, my favorite. :)

How do you open your throat chakra more? I asked Vanessa and Austin on the beach tonight. They said chanting, singing, om-ing.
I wonder what else though.
I sang for Vanessa while we laid with our backs in the sand with the sound of rolling waves and stars appearing in the sky.
We tried to find Orion's belt and Austin finally pointed it out.

I had a dinner in all spanish with some beautiful Argentinians and a girl from Germany.
Was incredible how much I could understood. Religion was brought up, everyone sort of agreed that they weren't religious but had faith in something. Faith and love, this girl was so beautiful. She runs around the hostel and hugs her dog all night, every time she talks to her boyfriend she says "Mi Amor". My love. And they both have the most incredible smiles.

I've been asking people what their favorite part of the day is, my sister told me today that it was a baby laughing at his dad, she said she was so surprised to see it have a personality. I told her mine was swimming in the ocean pretending I was a dolpin.
Ha, anything to revert back to childhood, or the natural state of innocence rather. I'd come up for air and look over the water and see the crescent moon and venus in the sky. My two friends sitting on the beach. I thought, how perfect and would float on my back until water would swish over my face.
Simple joys.
I now call in moreee and moree joy into my life.

I interviewed the most amazing group of kids today. They were so open, they came straight up to me.
For them, the most important things in their lives were
"my parents"
"my family"
"my friends"
"i don't know"
ha, always one person in the group whose too shy to know, or maybe doesn't think in terms of favorites. Sometimes I get kids who also get it, like "what nonsense is this question?"
One of the 8 yr olds asked me if I spoke french and began speaking to me in french. She spoke french, spanish, english and portuguese, was from Mexico.It was pretty wild. Down to earth open eyed beauty.

The Argentineans invited me for dinner tonight in the hostel. Empanadas, and coca-cola.
Cheese, olives, tomatoes, spinach and sugar never tasted so good.
Food, with good people, no matter what, can just taste so good.
Soda is something I am getting used to.

It's been really nice to see my friend Austin, he's teaching me what meditation is again. The way he naturally falls in and out of it during his day. His humor, kindness, and incredible chocolate. I'm grateful to his girlfriend and his love with her, it inspires me. Happy silly dolphins.

I walked a lot today, I was tired and overwhelmed in this heat. I moved into something that grounds me, talking to a friend.
I skyped my friend Nina and it was so good to talk to her, Amazing what friendship can do , I interviewed a woman once and she said talking with a friend is love, I totally agree now on a new level.
She's getting married in over 6 mths in Chile and I can't really believe it. I mean I can but it's like I remember her 16 yr old self taking drawing classes with me and now to see her at 25 planning a wedding is beautiful.

Hows your health? What's your body saying to you?
The body is always talking. This guy told me today his wish was for health, because he said thats the first thing.
And it really is, I am grateful for my health, my heart and that I can walk, talk, sing and dance. Some people can't! Gratitudeeee.

I have some new visions and things cooking in my pot.
It's exciting and intimidating, but mainly exciting and beautiful.
Become your dream, become your dream, be the thing you want to be until you Are that thing. Just do it.
You got it.


Ok night night, creative surge outletted and time for sleep.

Waking to intense dreams of children and flying cars.


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